What's really the mentality behind this excuse? Please help!!!?

My ex bf broke up with me 3 mths ago and never likes to talk about our break up In fact he gets upset and tries to walk away. Yesterday, I told him "please tell me you dnt care about me it be easier on me" he paused and said "i cnt" but he said I really hurt him. Every once in awhile when we get close he tells me "I dnt want to hurt you" to me I feel when he says that it's really for him.. it's like he's convincing himself but when we are alone together he hugs and kisses me. He broke up with me due to trust issues. I texted him today eventually started talking about us and asked are you scared? And he didn't text me back yes or no.. I don't know what's going on.. guys please help.. is he scared? What shld I do? Any advice appreciated


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  • Sounds like serious trust/jealousy issues. He may have a self control problem. I would advise you to keep moving forward in life. You don't need an insecure guy with daddy issues...
    Ithat being said I don't know what u did to break his trust. Go out with another guy? Or just have a fight. Long term relationships require trust, respect, and lots and lots of forgiveness.

    • He saw guys on my phone complimenting me and assumed the worse and I went out with a guy friend because he wasn't from here and even took my gf with me and he said I'm a cheater for all that.. he tells me he can forgive but he cnt forget.. to me his wounds r still open and I really want to convince him how much I love him but I think I scare him too when he feels like he might get close.. to me the day u can hang out with me with no problem u have conquered ur fear of feelings otherwise we simply be friends and that shldnt be a problem to hang out

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  • okay first you tell us that you love him or not?

    • I love him.. I'm the beginning he was so in love with me he saw guys talking to me assumed the worst n felt he cld never really trust me.. he says things such as "what's the point of trying when you gave ur all and she never appreciated it" (he's throwing that in my face)

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    • It's unfortunate but this sort of thing happens. It's okay if you feel like it is your fault. But there may not be any truth in it.

    • He tried a whole yr just to convince me to get with me, poured his heart throughout the entire relationship out but my own insecurities made me not give him my 100% meaning I cldve showed him more even with the simplest things. I feel like i really hurt him :(

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