How do I forget about a girl without being with other girls?

This girl and I have talked for a while an I ask her out but I found out she has had a crush on someone else and she thinks I'm playing with her


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  • Do something! Spend time with your friends, go to mcdonalds and order a kids meal, then eat it in front of people like you were four. Do something else, go bowling, go apple picking, go to a petting zoo. Get a new job. Change things that you remember from hanging with her. Rearrange furniture.
    Hope that helps!!!


What Guys Said 1

  • So here goes...

    • The first person who invents a pill to make us forget people we are crushing on will be a very rich person indeed. Alas, there is no tried and true method that works like that. I'm afraid time is your greatest ally here. Distance can help, too. There is some merit to the idea of "out of sight, out of mind." You might want to try to limit your contact.

      Out of curiosity, why did she think you were playing with you?

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