I broke up with him then he broke up with me.. how to get him back?

I have known this guy for couple of weeks
we like each other alot.. so he asked first weather i have a bf.. then we chatted a lot then.. he confesses being a flirt and asked me to be his gf.. and asked me if i have been kissed before !

Am 23 he's a bit older..

i like him a lot but didn't like the fact that he flirts with other women.. so i never give the relationship a chance and broke up with him

Then i realized i miss him and want to be with him if he stopped the flirting part with other girls

So contacted him after 2 days saying i miss him and sorry for not giving him a chance.. but here is the shock he told me that he just wanna be friends now

i cut off contact for a week now and miss him a lot !!!

Problem is i don't know what to do to make him come back.. do i make him jealous by lying and say am dating a new guy or just stay in the nc period or what?

We have been only together for few days a week with nc is too much and im afraid he would move on and date other girl

What to do am really depressed !!


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  • You have said a mouthful here, sweetie, answering your own questions about the newbie in Question: Flirts with other women... He just wanna be friends now.
    So here you Are, Missing the Kissing, and knowing all along, which I am sure you have had plenty of free time to think about it, that if you and him were to get back together tomorrow, Things would be what they are, no soft touch about it, Being friends, nothing more and with his sweet on the other girls, the Show would Then Continue, with you on the sidelines. Ask yourself: Is this what you want?
    No matter how you slice the sweet cake in this case, as his 'Friend,' not even on his arm, you Most likely would be seeing More than you bargained for with a guy like this. 'Move on' Or Not----He would be dating other girls, like it or 'Not.'
    'Nc' is best with a player such as this. You're just asking for trouble, you'll end up even more 'Depressed' than you feel right now, and believe me, nipping this little Early bloomer Now before it has begun to bud, is far better than ending up down the line Later With----More of a broken heart.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for allowing me to be here for you, take care and I hope you're okay... xx

    • Thank you so much
      What you said was completely true

    • You're so welcome, Paris knows best... Relax this weekend and pamper yourself, better days ahead... xxoo

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  • First-start with an apology , make yourself clear to him somewhere alone. Second -give him sometime to think and decide if he can give you a second chance and some sign or a lunch/dinner date tell him to appear and then have the meal and then talk. Third- if he says yes then you hop in the ride/ if he says 'No' then you need to move on to some really meaningful relationship. Still I will give you a key point about men's by which you can easily understand his thought or what kind of dress you need to wear according to the way you meet him and the time you ask him question.

    , women's have 1 brain in their heads , but men's have 2 brain one in head and other between the leg the dick, when it comes to women , it they cannot decide on one because their are 2 brains , dick wants the one which is sexy and hot with pleasure , and real brain wants the lovely, admirable, beautiful one , the trick is to figure out with which brain the boy is thinking at that moment because the thinking from actual brain and dick change time to time according to conversation , surrounding etc. If you want to make him think from brain meet him alone and sober, you want him to think with his dick ,

    • Hey.. i apologized as u said and we are together back again thanks !

      But the strange thing is.. yesterday he was like all over me and today is so apart.. i don't know weather he's being cold or really busy , he didn't say he's busy though

      Is he having a second thought about leaving me again?

      I think i did a mistake by texting to him i missed him today for not being around.. and he didn't respond so i told him i dont miss him now cuz i got a little angry for him ignoring me

      How can i know about his intentions and how should i act like?

      please help and thanks

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    • That's awkward I am first time getting a number or pin to contact with a girl from her side, anyways dear I am Not yet on bbm , my tablet does not supports it , I am on what's app , still I can get bbm on my smartphone which is usually not with me , so if you already are on what's app its better you take my number , +919009510839. Do not worry I will never call , I do not have extra stocks of cash to spill. If you do not have what's app just let me know, I will get bbm.

    • LoL
      Its my first time giving a guy my pin/ whatsapp too
      Its usually the other way around.
      we'll be good chat buddies + im wiser than you in other aspects of life so you'll benefit too lol

      Will add you soon

  • You begin dating other guys, of course

    but this can also lead to a better outcome, investing your time in more mature relationships that might actually go somewhere instead of wasting time on ego games like this one

  • "Problem is i don't know what to do to make him come back.. do i make him jealous by lying and say am dating a new guy or just stay in the nc period or what? "

    Both of your ideas are basically mindgames. Mindgames do not get a guy back. Guys hate mindgames.

    Your best bet is to take him at his word and be friends. Then try to seduce him. But this is the sort of thing that is so simple and direct, most girls can't bring themselves to do it.


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  • it's way too early in your "relationship" to have this many problems. I'm afraid you made it very easy for him to walk away. There was no investment on either side. You might have to chalk this one up as a learning experience.

    • I think that too !
      Problem is we r both stubborn and he was hurt when i left him so maybe this was his revenge somehow?
      Anyways i want to talk this up but how to do it without sounding needy or clingy?

      Thanks a lot darling

    • Yeah that is tough especially if you still have feelings for him. Maybe try to be friends and let feelings develop over time again?

  • He obviously isn't interested anymore. If your really like him, be friends and wait. Otherwise, move on.


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