Ex reassuring the breakup?

My ex broke up with me almost a few months ago and it didn't end the greatest.

We had lived together for almost a year and she moved out immediately but took over a month to actually grab everything, yet she still hasnt. I had her under my insurance and after asking her to pay me and change it, she never did and i had to do it myself. We also have a cat and a dog. She bought the cat and had to drop him back off cause her roommmates cat was in heat and he wasn't fixed. She also doesn't ask about the dog cause i told her, out of spite, that she can't see her but i apologized that day for saying it.

I had her drop the key off and asked her to change her mail address. We haven't talked in almost a month. Everytime we did talk it was me initiating it to ask her to pay me for the insurance and to change her mail. Every other time i would ask her to pay me she would either oblige or throw a fit and ask money for the cat she could have easily grabbed.

If she did text it would be if she could come grab something that i know she took. She already grabbed some of my things already so i dont want her to take more. Since we haven't talked she hasn't offered to exchane anything or change her mail. Whenever i would ask her to take care of something she throws a fit.

I still see a chance that we could work but it needs time. But since she broke up with me is she reassuring her decision to break it off by setting me up so i pick fights with her?

And since we haven't talked in a few weeks and she hasn't taken care of things is she still gonna do this? And why?


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  • She cannot push you out of her mind.

    • She cant? Or doesn't want to?

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    • Well she never cheated she just told another guys she was in a complicated relationship and gave him her number

    • Did you watched twilight movie series , role of Jacob played by Taylor lautner explains it well how a girl needs , a best friend as boy apart from love , you cannot be jealous about it until and unless she has faith on you and have faith on her.

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