Ex girlfriend has someone but gets mad when I'm dating someone else? Why?

My ex of 4 broke up with me 6 months back and immediately got a rebound (I was her first love, sex partner, etc), and ever since I was little I heard women don't leave a nest without buliding another, and it was a guy she was cool with before hand so I cut her off. I recently started dating someone else a few weeks ago.

Next thing I know my girlfriend and I start getting hate mail, and an ex and I have a close mutual friend that told me she has been tweeting sad things about me, and wanted me back again, and was jealous of my new found relationship.

She even hinted that I should break up with her because I said I still cared for her, after I ignored what I heard and carried on with my life she ran back to the other guy she's been having problems with, and tried to make everyone seem like she's found a soul mate.

My question is why after 6 months and you dating someone else does she care about what I do and try to break us up? She should be worried about her man. Not me.


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  • She still has feelings, maybe she thought youd always be an option?
    Now that ur moved on she's freakin out.


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