Why am I being accused?

My ex boyfriend accused me of cheating on him, with 2 guys, and i didn't because i loved him a lot. i told him I was in love with him. But what is weird is that we dated on and off all the time. But every time we dated he was never romantic with me, but, when we didn't date he was. I hate myself from all the pain I went through for 3 whole years. ( NO VIOLENCE THOUGH).


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  • Now.. don't be alarmed, because I could be wrong.
    Just be aware. Look out for signs. Be aware of the possiblity.
    Many times when a guy is actually the one cheating, he will blame the woman.
    In order to get the attention off him. This goes both ways.
    If there is not any reason he should be suspecting you, he may be cheating himself.
    Simply be aware. Do not accuse him unless you have proof.


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