She is stil talking to me why?

so i met this girl online
and we have been talking for aout 3 months
and suddenly she said we had to stop talking
so we stopped talking
but everytime we are online
at the same time
she starts talking to me again
do anyone of you know why?


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  • She likes you

    Maybe she is playing a mind game with you to get you to take things for a new level

    " if you can't beat them , confuse them " lol

    Bottom line she likes you

    But lets not deny there is a possibility of someone else too so she's confused between two of you

    So ur next step should be like , either tell her you like her and ask her for a date

    or end things with her permanently

    You take control not her..

    Update with how it goes ;)

    • i am talking to her now and i am afraid saying that i dont wanna lose her would not mean anuthing to her i really like this girl and i am afraid she doesn't like me anymore

    • Look

      she wouldn't tell how much you like her same as you wouldn't tell if she likes you back too

      Plus girls can't make the first move they wait for the guy to do it

      And no matter what kind of girls she is. all girls like the bold guy.. so be bold and tell her how u feel or just ask her out

      I bit she will like it

      plus nothing will change if your both not doing anything about it

      here is another thing

      If ur afraid she won't accept going out with u. You can be in no contact with her for a week or at least 4 days.. she will miss you , then ask her out.

      Hope u get her ;)

      Update please

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  • Maybe she feels like its not right or like she's starting to develop feelings for you so a part of her wants to stop talking to you but then she can't because she likes it so much... I've been there before. Trust me.

  • she probably doesn't want to fall for someone online, long distance? is there a way to take it offline? maybe that is what she is waiting for you to do. ask her out.

  • maybe she found someone and it didn't work out


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