Is a man really cold hearted?

My ex- boyfriend recently broke up with me I don't know the real reason and now he doesn't want to talk to me he suggested through text that we should break up I agreed not thinking he would follow through but to my surprise he did he never gave any hints he was unhappy never talked about leaving before in matter of fact he did the very thing I told him not to do if he ever wanted to breakup with me I saw him recently and he acted as though he never knew me.. what type of man does this and most of all why?


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  • Everyone is so self absorbed that they're completely unaware of the things going on around them, myself included sometimes. He gave you plenty of hints; people always do. You simply didn't want to see it so it's unsurprising that when it happened it caught you off guard.

    When we look past ourselves you'd be surprised at what you see and what you know. I'd bet you know the reason he broke-up and even see some of the signs that it was going to happen before it happened.

    No, men are not really cold hearted. In this regard, we're warm blooded just like the female race.

    • That's not true at all. I completely disagree. Some guys are cold hearted and they love to manipulate women. This guy could have been that cold hearted manipulating bastard.

    • What's not true and what do you disagree with? If you're trying to tell me that some men manipulate women, I can't argue that point, just as I couldn't argue some women manipulate men. Such a thing is not gender specific.

      However, you've said nothing to suggest this guy is just such an individual.

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  • Yep. Some guys are quite coldhearted. He's fucked up inside.


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  • One thing to remember. Guys speak bluntly. If he suggested you break up, and you took him up on it, he called your bluff, and he was serious.

    So, move on without him.

  • You guys break up.. seriously.. I dont know why ex's love to keep talking after breaking up.. makes no sense to me.

    Move on with your life.

    • It's called "healing". Guys consider avoiding the best way to move on. News flash , you can't run away from your problems. Just saying.

    • The healing you are talking about consist in talking to your ex about what? Seriously..

      Im not saying you can't feel bad.. but its best to just move on.. u dont need him to heal.. he broke up with u..

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