Different marriage views a deal-breaker?

I want to move into my boyfriends house (which he's all for), but I don't want to move in until we're married. I brought this point up to him and he said it wasn't a good enough reason.

Would you consider this a valid reason to break things off? Would it be a deal breaker for you if your s/o seemed to have no interest in getting married any time soon even if you were ready for it?


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  • He wants you to move in so he doesn't have to drive to get sex.

    He does not want to have to obligate his life to you in any way, shape or form, other than telling you he loves you (Maybe? Does he?) and stringing you along.

    It is every guys fantasy to have a girl that puts out live with him.

    Except that most guys are too cowardly to pledge their lives to a woman. This guy is weak, why are you dating him?

    • we DON'T have sex, though. that's the thing.

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    • You have a valid argument but to be fair I'd be reluctant to marry someone I haven't had a chance to live with yet. You REALLY don't know a person until you've lived with them

    • Don't be so quick to judge but I do agree that you shouldn't budge when it comes to your principles

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  • It's grounds for breaking up.

    • I would like to add I feel the same way as you. Kudos to people who want to move in without a marriage, it's their choice. However I am against it. My boyfriend knows this as I have said it to him many times. And he likes to say imagine if we lived together. I always tell him I am not going to do that. We have only been together a few months but in the back of my head I know that if he expects me to move in I would rather break up.

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  • Hold to your position. A woman needs to have rules and principals that she stands by. If he does not respect you and your wish to be correct in life then he is not worth it.

    Sounds like he wants to cheapen your principals and remove the things that make you special.

    He wants you to be his toy which would be easily traded for another if he chooses.

    Good luck,

  • Different views of marriage is exactly how a divorce can happen. If he can't respect your wishes, he's not worth it long term.

  • Well you let him know what is what. If he's not happy with it he's always free to break things off. Ball's in his court.


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