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Boyfriend and I have been dating for 9 months... found out 4 months in I was pregnant. When he took work out of state I picked up my life to move with him. We struggled during the 8 weeks I was there until we finally decided I would move home and he would follow as soon as he found work. The day after I left he contacted old flames via FB to "hook up." When I found out he drove up to talk face to face and we decided to reconcile. He has been great about checking in and reassuring me since, but despite his efforts I can't get past the betrayal in addition to the distance. I broke up with him today and explained all of this... his response was not one of despair? He simply said he wish he had not done what he did and that he was going to learn from it and better himself regardless. I told him he didn't have a fighting bone in his body and obviously didn't care our relationship was ending... he chose to say that my breaking up with him was obviously a game. My last words to him were that he could F*ck off. Haven't heard from him since. Should I expect him to move on as it initially seems he will? Any thoughts would be great


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  • This looks like looking up a dead dogs ass. Speaking of dead dogs you best leave this dog lying. Catch a clue. Move on. Just remember careful what you ask for. Goodluck

  • Yeah I would expect him to move on. I'm sorry. Don't fall for any attempt to hang out again bc he might try to use you to get laid.


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