I don't know what to do with my gf , I need advice.

I've been dating my girl for over 6 months but i feel as though she doesn't have much body language. Through messages she says she misses me and all that but in person all we do is talk i always have to kiss her & hugg her cause she won't. I understand i'm the guy but i think a girl should step in and make the move at least once. I sometimes feel she doesn't like me but she says she does & i've told her to let ne know as soom as she stopped liking me rather have me looking stupid if she doesn't. She told me she wouldn't be with me if she didn't want to but i feel we're just friends that kiss and do stuff when we're together. I honestly don't wanna keep feeling like this , what do i do.


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  • She sounds shy. Is this her first relationship (beyond silly high school romances)? Maybe she is worry about coming on too strong? You say that you talk a lot, than maybe you need to raise this issue with her. Try to be as straight forward and direct as possible. Tell her that you would love her to kiss you and hug you. I remember with my first boyfriend he was 6 foot 2", and growing up in a household of sisters, I found it hard to initiate physical connect, as his height was intimidating to me at 5 foot 2". It is hard to find someone in life that you can talk to for hours, and share your opinions freely with, don't give up so easily on this girl, as you might regret it later.

    • Yeah that's ehat i was thinking, that i'd regret it. But it's frustrating i've been straight forward about it before i don't wanna feel i have to tell her what to do it shoul'd be because she wants to. But no she's not that shy enought where she can't make a move

    • Ugh im typing to fast sorry about the typos

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  • Maybe she's too shy to make the move firsr, or maybe she really does expect you to do everything because you're the guy. What I would suggest is gently talking to her about it, so as not to upset her, and explain how you feel and hopefully get a reason as to why she's like that.


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  • Maybe she isn't as emotionally forward as you are? She might still be a bit shy about how to act around you, or she might just not be that much of a touchy, feely person.
    A lot of people find it easier to convey their feelings over text message and not in person.

    • So does that mean i should move on if she's like that?

    • Noooo! Give her time to open up, maybe sit down and talk to her about it, make her feel secure so that she can open up to you. Maybe there's reasons why she is so emotionally closed off.

    • But i've talked about it before isn't 6 months enough time? I don't wanna have to tell her what to do, then it won't be her that want's to do it

  • Maybe she's a little shy, and bit reserved coz , she might not have had many bf, some people find it easier to tell others how they feel rather than show affection,6 months isn't long , maybe talking like you do is good coz that way you will get to know her more and vice versa, this way she will become more relaxed with you , the longer you are with her and more patient you are with her, the more affectionate she will become, she def seems to like you a lot,

    • Yeah this makes a lot of sense, thank you so much

  • She sounds like a crappy girlfriend


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  • Maybe she is extremely religious or probably very shy, Dont force her to do things you want. 6 months is quite long, but people dont just simply change the way you wanted, It takes time... Sometimes it takes a year.. No joke.. As long she loves you, that is all that matters.. Sex is not compulsory.

    • Nah she isn't religious but a but shy. It sucks cause one day i feel she rlly likes me & then next she feels distant

    • Then she is extremely shy. Don't hesitate to make a move, but keep it slow and steady. Pretend she is a Lioness, you have to figure how out how to capture it. Slow and steady... then capture it.. just like that. Make her feel comfortable.

    • I can make all the moves but that's not the case, i feel like i have to everything, i don't think relationships should be that way right?

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