What's the next step? Any ideas?

So my ex broke up with me about 2 months ago and I found out 2weeks later. We were very close when we were together so I thought it was a rebound. She is talking to this other guy and I’m not supposed to know. Now I want her back and i know this might not happen right away but my thought is to establish a false friendship and hope she has to choose between the 2 of us? Good idea? Any suggestions on how to play it off
Someone please


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  • Bro, if you didn't even know you got broken up with until two weeks after she dumped you, that's a sign from the gods telling you: don't do it.

    • I knew we were broken up but she started talking to the guy 2weeks after we were

    • My answer stays the same regardless. If she broke up with YOU, then it nustve been for a reason. And to top it off, she's talking to a new potential dude. Sounds to me like she's over it. I don't know the whole story though, so... Follow your gut.

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