Why I had this kind of experience?

When I was 17 years old... I had a big love story with my teacher.. that's before almost 15 years ago, she was older than me (9 years) ... she left me and I lost everything for that relation... now she is back and she wants me... but I am not ready to lose my self again..
So I don't know what to do.
Thanks a lot Bellisimasol for your great advice ;)


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  • I would say don't go for it cuz she hurt you once, but If she wants you back it's probably because she's always regretted leaving you. like you were the one that got away. Ask yourself do you want her back or no? do you think you can trust her again. If no then I say don't go for it but if your like big on second chances and that trust is built over time and you still like her go for it. Also ask why she left you the first time might help you make a decision. whatever you choose I wish you well


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