Any idea why an ex would act this way?

He and I tried to make our complicated attempt at a relationship work twice, but after he felt hurt by me he said he no longer desired anything more than friendship (don't even have that) which killed me to be honest. Even when he and I were good I hardly saw him at our gym. All of a sudden since telling me that he is there every night, a social butterfly and talking to anyone with a V all the while looking at me every chance he thinks I can't see him. He doesn't talk to me yet does that and talks to girls after I told him it hurts to see him do that (said that prior to the official ending of our relationship). He has become everything he used to give me a hard time for. Is he trying to rub it in my face?


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  • Of course he is trying to rub it in your face. He is strategically taking advantage of an opportunity to workout, improve his looks, and become more popular and sociable with ladies at the very place you frequent. Why is he doing this, do you ask? To perhaps make you realize and regret what you gave up in being with him.

    You do realize his actions suggests he is not completely over you, don't you?

    • That's what I was thinking and I'm not over him. Would talking to him be a bad idea?

    • Not at all, especially if you want to perhaps reconcile with him and is willing to be truthful about your feelings.

    • This would be my third attempt at making him feel wanted by me. Feel like he thinks I cry wolf but in all honesty I was just scared since I had never felt so strongly for someone. I am ready to let my guard down now but I don't know if I can handle rejection from him.

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  • Who cares? He's your ex.

    • It's hard to not care when he broke it off. If it were the other way around I wouldn't.

    • All the more reason NOT to care. HE broke it off. That means he doesn't care about you.

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