I want my ex back? Is there any hope?

I broke up with him 7 months ago. We've reconnected 2 months ago. He had a girlfriend but they recently broke up. I still love him, and I feel he still has love for me. We hang out every weekend and talk almost everyday. I told him that I wanted him back and I'm willing to fight for us. I won't throw us away this time , and whatever problem we have we can talk it through and fix it. His response was he doesn't know because I'm wishy washy and he doesn't want to stress me out like before so I will leave him again. But yet he talks about having a future with me. He also say things like you never no what the future holds we could get back together. My question is there any hope? Could he be mine again?


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  • A wise gal would hope for an improved version of her ex in this case... improved enough that this better match would bar future breakups, hence have fewer (if any) of these regrets


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  • Don't throw away a relationship with a guy you love in the first place... Can u honestly blame him for being wary of you? I don't know but your going to have to work very very hard at getting back with him and make sure he is for keeps.. remember feelings don't just switch off overnight you learned that the hard way.. think if it was other way about and a guy dumped you and he wanted to get back with you how would you make him prove you're serious?

    • I would love to know answer to that, because I'm currently trying to win back the love of a lifetime. ...
      This could help my cause greatly. ...

    • Only u know the answer to that u kno him better than what we do..

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