Did your ex eventually come back?

I apologize if i asked this before but i had a dumb question with it.

Has anyone had an ex come back?

If so did you take them back? Why did they? How long did it take? And were there signs?

Mine broke up with me a few months ago after dating over a year but she has not taken all of her stuff and took some of mine. We haven't talked in over a month but she has not settled anything. Including grabbing her own cat


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  • if she took some of your stuff then she's not over you if anything if she was over you she would of took her own stuff she could just need time and space to think if you guys don't argue or fight or had one recently then i think she could just want some time to herself maybe a relationship could be to much for her right now i think she just needs time unless u know of any other guy or anything i kinda need more details to figure out the situation to be exact about it

    • When we broke up she said she kept coming up with excuses like she was bored, she's been unhappy for the past few months (which wasn't true because she said things were perfect), she just needed to be single and said i was pushing her away because i had trust issues with her. After doing the normal pleading she said we were on a break, but that was the day we broke up. She said she didn't have hope for us. Yet two weeks after we broke up she called to tell me she got in a car accident and only told me because she's under my insurance and I get all of the mail and would have been questioning the bill. Normally, i do not question it and she just pays me, but really she was calling for sympathy because we talked for an hour. I told her how I felt again and she said she doesn't think a relationship is what she wants right now but still let me pour my heart out. By the end she eventually said she has a little hope and does think I'll change but still wanted to stay single.

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    • make sure she's not taking advantage of your kindness because if i was you and in your position i wouldn't support financial or have a girl or guy on any of my things unless were together living together or married if she can't be straight forward about how she feels about u then i would make sure she is not on anything of mines doesn't mean u can't help her if she gets into a accident but still i wouldn't need to put her on anything of mines i would just give her the money if it was a serious situation i just don't want you to get hurt and i do half to look out for you and be honest some girls are really like that you give them your all and they go a mile with it and take advantage of you and to me there's no excuse on her part of why she can't be honest with you or get back with you or at least come with a explanation

    • Yeah well im not paying for anything of hers and I just feel like she doesn't know what she wants right now and is trying to cover her tracks and is attempting to take advantage of the one person who did everything for her, which is me. She is of course 22 and definitely has some growing up to do. I have a friend who's a divorce attorney and he's seen plenty of women do this, but the couple eventually call off the divorce.

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  • mine eventually came back but it was too late. . it was like after 8 months after we broke up.. I guess he came coz u never know what you got until its gone


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