This girl I know moved down to the city a few weeks ago and I haven't heard anything since and its buging me?

she moved there for school at the start of September , she had gone to school in another city so this isn't a school she went to before although she has been to this city a number of times and does have friends there and has been there to party and go to clubs before from what she told me.

I don't know its bothering me that she's like totally gone from this town and down there instead , its a fairly small town so there isn't a lot of other people our ages around here and we did spend some time together this summer. I knew she was going back to school so it wasn't a surprise. it bothers me that she could leave and just care so little about this place and just head off to big city to start a new life I assume. I realise a lot of young people move away at some point and start things new somewhere else so its not like she is the first girl her age to do this.

anyways I don't know if I should just write her off as a loss is they say and move on at this point , I don't know when I would even see her again if she comes home for Thanksgiving I might see her then but that be only hope till Christmas break. I though about emailing her but feel it might be a waste of time as she wasn't one to reply much on there and likely already meeting other people by now


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  • Yup, time to move on. If she comes back , great, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


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