How do I get my ex back?

Ok so he tells everyone he doesn't want to be with me cause we fight too much. When we were together we nevergot into any confrontation. I've been fighting with him because he always disreguards my feelings towards him. No matter how much I pour my heart out to him, and genuinely mean it, he tosses my feelings aside and moves on to the next girl. We are constantly fighting because I'm heartbroken and hurting so badly. Since I had my daughtersix months ago, he's been with 4 girls. I really lovehim, but I'm trying my best to move on. Now that I'm with my boyfriend he feels intimidated and gave someone my address and told them to come beat my ass. He even told me one time hhe's not going to like seeing me with someone else. He gets mad when my boyfriend holds our daughter. He also said one time he doesn't want me having sex in the same house as my daughter. I have my own place so he can't tell me not to have sex in my own house. I do it while my daughter is asleep in her crib. He's always trying to make me jealous and because of that, we fight. It seems he wants me to just live a miserable exsistance, and it breaks my heart. I just want him back. Sometimes he just confuses me. He swears he has no feelings for me but sometimes the things he says makes me think otherwise. I'm starting to move on though, I'm still trying my best to recover. I hate that he's with someone right now but I am too. I dont know what to do anymore.


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  • Seriously - step the fuck away from this dude.

    Sounds manipulative and controlling. Love yourself for a while..


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  • I will agree with other posters... the guy sounds like bad news!

    BUT, if you REALLY want him back read this thread and the thread linked in it-

    And then if you are ready, come find me, you will have him proposing to you sooner than you think...

  • He sounds like a total asshole. Why do you want him back? Your current boyfriend can't possibly be worse than that douchebag.

    • I've been in bad shape without him. All I want to do is cry. And what makes it harder is our daughter looks just like him :( why is he acting this way?

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    • Exactly! Whatever you do, don't go back to your ex.

    • I think you need to figure out who you are, what you want and what you feel you deserve. Be single instead of filling a void with guys you don't have strong feelings for. They don't deserve someone who isn't there 100 percent. You're dealing with this break up the wrong way and it's not a good example for your daughter.

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