Is he hinting he cares still or? Why is he keeping in touch if he seemed so blunt?

I dated this boy for 14 months.. it was an LDR, long story short we've broken up a few times but it wasn't anything we didn't fix in the end until I gave out a piece of personal information (his kik to someone whom I believe he was friends with we can call this "friend" "R") and so R talked to my ex, and well.. he is holding a grudge against me and is still mad at me until something occurred at the mall (as if I had seen a twin of him that looked exactly identical, yet he is the only boy in the family, so not possible) and well.. him being him, he brought up what I had done and then suddenly left. After all this time.. why would he bother to give me some info that pertained a way to contact him (through social media) despite what I had done to him? Both guys and girls welcomed, please.
  • He still cares and I should try getting on good terms with him
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  • Let him go he has no interest.
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  • I think your reading too much into the situation.

    • What could you mean by that? well I do go over-board sometimes..

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