Should I text him after two weeks?

So my ex broke up with me, pretty much blaming me for everything, that I didn't apprraciate him and so on and so forth. I admit I had my faults but as did he very much so. He felt he was putting in all the effort to talk to me. But I resented talking to him sometimes because he has hurt me before and that's why it became like that. Which I never told him about. We were not open to each other at all. He could be very controlling and it was all or nothing with him, no compromise. So he broke up with me, and while he was doing so I acted needy and started to beg him not to go. Finally he said we can talk in two weeks. Did he do that cause he actually wants too, or what? And I'm also wondering if he put all the blame on me, so he wouldn't feel as bad about ending it? But if he really feels like what he told me, should I make the effort to text him after 2 weeks , is it some sort of test to see if I care or is it a obligation for him to talk to me and he just said it to get me off his back? Or simply he just wants to see how things are in 2 weeks? Lol guys I'm so confused. I don't want to get rejected, so I don't know if I should or not.. Any help would be amazing
by the way do you think he ment he was going to contact me? Or that I would...


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  • That relationships sounds like it's leading to no good. I'm sorry but I don't feel like he cares for you. Usually guys try to lessen the pain for when their going to break up with a girl. controlling is never good it can lead to an abusive relationship either verbal or physical or both. don't text him in my opinion, let him do it if he doesn't let him go you deserve better. But the also he could of just broken up with you out of anger and thought that maybe his anger would be gone by then, and if he really mean that you do appreciate the relationship then if you don't text him he will be a like I knew you would do anything for this you just let me see o all the work type of thing. Honestly though I think you should just move on. Your young and beautiful, many more relationship s to experience

    • Would it be wrong or a bad idea to text him, just to get closure. Not to be with me again. But just so I can sort of move on. And if you think its OK how do you think a good way going about that is, like what to say? Thanks very much for your response though.

    • Um I think that would be a great Idea sometimes people need something physically symbolic in order to move on and if that's you go for it. As to what to tell him maybe ask him all the questions you'll know you'll want answers to in the future and regret if you didn't ask. like why you lie or hurt me like this? What about me made you like me? let go of all your emotions everything you have been holding back. Tell him everything you need to get out, so it doesn't eat you up inside, kinda of like punching a wall when your angry. Or crying when your sad.

    • He never texted me so I never texted him. Thank you though again I read your main message with more of clear mind and helped and ment a lot

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  • Relationships aren't a 50/50 type of thing.. Each person has to give 100% towards each other in order for it to work and have a great, happy, healthy relationship. If one person is trying, or if you're having an issue trying because you just aren't committed to the relationship it may not be for you. I understand having the feelings that you love the person, but sometimes you can Love someone but it be the wrong person and you're not in love with them. There is some compromise that goes into every relationship in order for it to work, but it should be forced. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, the biggest thing you could do for the two week period is to focus on yourself. Focus on you, hang out with friends, get a make over, go shopping, take up a new hobby, go to the gym and work out! No guy wants to see his girl doing better without him and it'll just make him want you back even more. Sometimes we don't know what we've got until we take a step back and get a clear perspective on things.

  • If you want him that bad then thats what you have to do. I dont like the idea you have to do that but you seem to need peace of mind so then do it.

    • Why don't you like that idea? Just curious

    • Well Because I wanted a shot withb you thats why. Lol Just Kidding. I dont think a girl should have to break her ass going after a guy that just broke up with you. If anything he should be the one that goes after you.

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  • It sounds like you weren't happy with him, and that he took an active willing part in doing things to make you unhappy. You guys aren't compatible, and you can do better. You don't need someone like that.

    • Yep. Thanks for your opinion

  • I think u shouldn't text him cause remember he's the one who broke up with u guys always try to put us girls on guilt trips cause they no there the ones in the wrong. I would just keep moving on if he really cares and loves u he will text u trust me I've been there before


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