Continued from my last post?

So it's been about 2 months the boyfriend and I have broken up and I'm still hurting like it was just yesterday. I haven't talked to him. He texted me on my bday to say "happy bday" I said "ok thanks" now with us being on bad terms as is it, I didn't have to say anything but I still kept my respect for him. He started in on me because I said telling me that the things I did for him for the past 2 year were not good enough and that he flat out did not want to be with me. He said those things on my bday. Then I found out he reactivated his Facebook and blocked me for no reason. We always told each other we wouldn't do anything to ruin what we are to each other. He already has a new girlfriend, I have a feeling he's been talking to her while we were still together. His whole family asked of they could keep in contact with me, I said that's fine. I can't be disrespectful to them, they did nothing but welcome me in to their home. I will never understand how he could throw me away like that, we had so much planned and in the works. He was my best friend too, not only did I lose my everything but I lost my best friend. It's been 2 months and I still can't give a straight answer on how I'm doing because I don't know how I'm doing. I still cry out of nowhere and think about him. I was nothing but good to him, never lied or cheated, he gave me a bad name to his friends and family, calling me a liar and telling them I lie all the time. I was blind sighted, I will never undstand how he could treat me like this. After everything, I like to be left alone, not talk to anyone, is that bad? I sent him my last text and word on things, I don't know if he read it, but it was what I needed to say, I need wrapping my head around everything still


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  • :-( I'm sorry girly. Breakup are hard. I think Yuri our reaction is normal you guys probably dated along time and out of nowhere he's no around when he always used to be around and you guys talked on the phone or what not. So yeah it's going to be hard for a while but it will pass it's hard to think it will because your in pain, but it will talking from experience here. Try no thinking about him as often that means avoid anything that reminds you of him don't stalk hi add FB page and try to use your now spate time cuz you broke up with him doing other things like maybe school if you still go or work or volunteer work. Go out have fun with your girls or guy friends. Believe me it's for the best you don't deserve a guy like me that and he is not worthy of your tears. A guy that loves would make you feel beautiful and happy not miserable. Your young and I'm sure very pretty you have so much more to see and experience. If you ever need anyone to talk to message me anytime I know sometimes it's easier to open up to someone you don't know. Best of wishes to you :-)

  • Finally Someone Going Through A Almost Similiar Situation As Me , So I'm Not Understanding Your Question Though?

    • I just need help understanding everything, wrapping my head around everything

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