What my ex gf wants from me?

after i breakup with my gf its been 3 weeks the reason of the breakup she was avoiding me all time and lie to me just to not talk to me, so we have breakup and the day of breakup up i tell her why she was doing this she say she dont love me again and she is happy without me and bla bla after 3 day i try to talk to her and see if we can start everything again she say no and if i love her i should let her go i ask her if she hate me she say if i say yes you let me? i ask her if there are any onther guy she say no so i tell her to block me in fb and whatsapp and she did it, and i blocked her mom and her bestfriend , after one day i receive message in whatsapp from her bestfriend saying hi i ask her where did she get my number she dont answer even she is online after like 4 day i unblocked her and add her bestfriend in fb she accept my request i ask her where she did get my number she say she want to know why i tellmy gf she should not talk to boys so i tell her i tell her to not talk to her ex and friend that flirt with her after this one of my friend ask my ex how is she doing she say she happy and bla bla she change her fb pic to selfie i can see its fake smile without my necklace so after one week i ask her bestfriend how she is doing she say she still sad and think much about me and she dont think she want something from me after one week of NC i ask her bestfriend why she still sad (idk it) so she say yes she is sad and she too sad because she breakup too after this i get my second number i add her in whatsapp i see that she write in her status "i wish we could have more time :*" and her profille pic was selfie with my necklace so i send her hi she blocked me? so after 3 days i add her in whatsapp with another number i see she have new status with title of song the name of song is no goodbye and her pic is old selfie with my necklace by the way her bestfriend i blocked and add her again and i removed her again and add her again and she accept my request everytime
she update her whatsapp pic she add pic of a women with her lover and written no one make me happy as you?


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  • If she can't make it clear what she wants from you then it sounds like she doesn't even know. Tell her your feelings just make it known how you feel about her bit if she keeps playing games and doesn't be clear with you then you should be bound to walk away.

    • i have try to talk to her last night but she refuse to talk to me

    • Then it sounds like she doesn't even know what to say. If she can't make the effort, even try, then you should either wait for her to come around or start doing what's good for yourself.

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