How does everybody deal with break-ups?

I was curious to hear other people's strategies for dealing with a break up and moving on. I, usually, instead of feeling sorry for myself will go out of my way to look even hotter and cooler, to make my ex crawl up the wall with jealousy and ponder about what he lost. What does everybody else do? :)

And no, I haven't broken up with my current bf, but I was thinking about an ex recently from a few years back and remember wishing I knew back then some awesome strategies.


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  • Just try to distract my mind. I usually tag along with my best friends , get drunk to our heart's Content , go to the strip clubs , the point is , just live my life..


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  • Downfall
    *Drown my ears in music
    *Lots of masturbation
    *Punch a boxing bag

    *Realize what she missed out on and decipher who was really at fault

    New Self
    *Ignore ex
    *And start speaking to more women

    Pretty much what I did for both my break ups lol

  • Dammit I was hoping you two broke up. Lol... kidding. I generally try to focus on myself, try harder, workout more, focus on work, enjoy being single. Large emphasis on the word Try.

  • I try to find another girl I can be intrested in that can make me forget the last one.


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