My ex is always on my mind, When is this feeling going to go away?

My ex girlfriend of 5 years and I broke up little over a month but last time I saw her was 3 weeks ago. And we haven't talked since then. It was a mutual break up because we lost interest in each other. Lately I've been thinking about her and I miss her even though I dont want to get back wit her. She's on my mind every single day some way or another the things I do or think she comes to my mind and I miss her. I talk to friends and try to distract my self as much as I can but she's always there in my mind. When is this going to go away? When is it going to be the day that I wake up and not Think about our relationship and the good times we had and the bad times? How long does it take for you to not give a fuck about your ex?


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  • been thinking about my ex for 3 months now. we were together 4 years. could last a while. i assure you though you won't be thinking about her nearly as much a year from now.

    • Oh wow so I guess I have to just know that im gonna be thinking about her for the next 4 -6 months right? For sure in one year its gonna be better

    • How are you doing now? Still think about yourr ex?

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  • Lol man up.

  • If you truly loved her, probably never. I still think about my ex every day since November 2011, she left me but I never got over it. I don't care for any of the girls I dated after her.

    I think it's a lot easier for women to move on than men, usually because it's their idea.


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