I am ready to get back out their I just don't know how?

Okay I have been single for 11 months now, and it’s starting to get to me. I am too the point I am tired of being alone all the time. 11 months ago I was in a long term relationship that ended with me being broken emotionally. In the last year I have lost contact with everyone I have ever known because I became so depressed that I didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. Now I have changed a lot in the last few months I have finally gotten sober, and am going back to school, and actually getting up out of bed. I just don’t know how to meet new people. I don’t want to go to a bar and meet people because that’s just not who I am any more. Does anyone have any ideals to how I can put myself back out there?


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  • I can relate to that, I was married for 13 years. I would suggest that you first get a handle on knowing yourself, don't make judgments based on feelings as those things could be wrong and based on past experiences which could lead to missed opportunities. I would take a Myers/Briggs test online and do it when in a neutral or fairly good mood. Once you know your personality type and you message me I'll show you all about yourself and what direction to move in. The key to overcoming depression is to change your focus, if you are focusing on depressing crap then yeah you're going to be depressed, how about celebrating sobriety and a new chance at life, you've done good for yourself so far keep it up. And by the way you were never the bar type person, you were just lost, who you were at age 3 is most likely who you still are. With a little fine tuning and a full tank of gas, you'll be back on a good path in no time, keep your chin up!! :)


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  • I started online dating (on pof. com) and I enjoy it. I talked to a lot of guys but rarely meet up unless I really feel there is a connection. It's nice because you get to know what kind of personalities you like and click with. and If you don't like someone you don't have to meet up. You can also choose whether to take things slow. I mean you start by messaging, then you can go to texting and then meeting up... so much smoother than meeting and texting because they have your number right away!

    • I use to be very socialable and feel like I am admiting that I am 100% alone by getting on the internet to look for friends and dates but its nice to know that I'm not the only one thank you for your advice.

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  • it can be scary, but if you see a guy looking at you, go up and talk to him. tell him a joke. if a guy thinks you're funny, then he is already somewhat attracted to you.

    • a year ago i would have been the one to make the first move but now i dont even talk to anyone.. I don't know what happened to me i just can't even think of jokes any more.. hell i don't even laugh any more

    • start watching funny stuff like stand up comedy or funny YouTube vids. get yourself in a good mood. message me if you want a few titles.

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