I'm scared out of my mind?

My husband and I have been married for 2 years, together for 4. We just had a baby in April and things have been... emotional for me. I don't nag and bark but I do speak my opinion and have been getting very... verbal about not being afraid to leave, blah blah because of his distance and his lack of interest in our daughter. My hormones are all over the place but the doctor told me he won't do anything for the first year because it takes that long for hormones to balance out.

Amyway, I'm here in Cali visiting his parents while he's back home. He's in the military. Long story short, we got into an argument and I told him I'm feeling like I don't want to go back home from the way he's been to me while I'm here ans he told me don't.

I definitely didn't expect it but he told me he needed space. He's unhappy and hasn't been for a while but he doesn't know why. I told him that I'm coming home anyway... He said fine but he needs time to think what's got him so angry and unhappy. I asked him what it was and he said he wasn't sure.

I'm pretty bad recently with my filter being missing but it just kind of flies out my mouth and I can't stop it...

I don't want to lose him. We just had a baby and I can't imagine my life without him. What should I do? I miss him so much and him having me boil in my own stew is killing me. He won't even Skype his baby... it hurts. I know I took his patience for granted but I never thought he'd be thinking about ending us...

Sorry if it makes no sense.. I'm sleep deprived and have been crying for hours.


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  • All makes sense to me. You may be suffering initially will antenatal depression. Get some help, get a second opinion from another doctor. All this and no sleep is making it all more depressing. Plus having a baby to care for. You do need some help don't leave it.

    • I'm planning on getting help for myself. I know I might have PPD but what am I supposed to do about him and our marriage?

    • Get some help and tell him you are and can be help you please your sorry about what has happened and you need help.

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  • Trying using the spark you had. The relationship has gone too bad I can advice you only to consult someone professional or the friends (preferably couple) common between you two during your relationship ask them for help do not text him just words , use power full weapons of literature left by your ancestors like poems of pain written by a lover being alone and missing her lover and send him the clip of your wedding or just type the VOW! You spoke to him and he spoke to you on the wedding. search for work of great authors like Shakespeare , use some words from novels. Step 1) must remind him that you and he VoWed to each other to take care of each other in sickness and health !. You should listen to songs or taylor swift if they help you Send him mp3 song like 'Taylor swifts- if this was a movie' or 'Taylor swift- back to December ' if you screwed up things in month of November, December, or january. You cannot sew back your relationship with just words now. And plzz... Dear do not loose hope. he was yours, he is yours and he will be yours.

    • I love your idea! Though, he's not really much into words... he doesn't want to talk to anyone he says. Not even to me.

    • I among saying to talk to him , I am just saying to send him messages. I am telling you to come in contact/or talk with the friends who were a couple when you two were a couple. Or the friends (female) with whom you made distance when you came in relationship with him. And do not cry dear one , you two are just apart, for sometime , worse things could have happened like , he was taken by other girl or probably by death, the end of something is start of something new, end of your relationship with your friends was start of your love, even if its end of love it maybe start of something better. Now you are not alone you have a daughter you got to take care of her. Your husband is a soldier he faces bullets and you are losing hope just because he is away. I know your will not like a crying mom if she figures out these tears are because of her dad , maybe she will hate him, you do not want such bad outcome coming out,'a daughter hating her dad'.

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