How to be happy by yourself?

Hi I have always been in relationships.. the trouble is I hate being single.. it makes me unhappy and i don't know why.. has anyone else felt like this before?


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  • ~ Make the decision to be a happy person. Yes, a certain event can cause sadness or joy but day-to-day happiness is a result of your personal decision on how you choose to be, not something that others do for you. You can choose to enjoy things during your day; a walk, your work, meeting people... many things. You would feel better and others would truly enjoy being around you and seek your company, a self-reinforcing cycle.

    ~ Enjoy your work (work for others, school or even housework) and always try to do a very good job. Work gives meaning to your life. Even lowly tasks when performed well make you feel good about yourself. The results accumulate and others will notice that you are capable.

    ~ Avoid most daily news reports. It is not necessary for you to worry about the tremendous number of things in the world about which you can do nothing.

    ~ Learn to let go of past events. You deserve a fresh beginning! There are a lot of people out there that have had hard lives, bad beginnings/moments. Don't close yourself out of grief, disappointments, or fears of future ridicule. Acknowledge your feelings, but work to put them behind you. Cherish what you have learned from your challenges, and how you have changed and grown from them. Forgive those who have done you wrong. Most importantly, though, forgive yourself.


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  • Do your best whether you are single or with somebody. Be prepared for the worst, that is, keep exit routes nearby. The whole world is yours.


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  • Guys and girls are made for each other, it looks like you are used to having relationships, so it is hard to be without a guy.

  • Go out with people. Date for fun and nothing more. Don't look for a relationship. You'll carry that confidence into everyday life. It's good to feel sexy and wanted by guys out. Dates are a good way to do that, along with wearing sexy underthings. Even if you're just going to work. You know what you got going on under there, like it's a secret that only you know. Guys will wonder what's up : )
    . I think that's the problem for a lot of girls that haven't had a bf in awhile. They focus on the good you get in a relationship and not the fun and freedom from being free to date around. Just have fun with it.


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