So what the fuck is up with him?

He broke up with me n i was at a social with my grandparents (whom he never met) and he kept staring at me.

His mum saw me but said nothing. We just stared lol.

Why the fuck was he staring?
He broke up with me six months ago.


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  • didn't he explain?

    • Nope. Just told me he didn't have time. Why the fuck pursue me heavily if you don't have time?

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    • It will be fine. Just write back here if you want, after whatever happens, does.

    • True. Thanks!!

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  • Who knows? Its pretty natural to stare in that situation. Had it been a long time since you saw eachother last?

    Either way, it doesn't really matter. Just forget about it and move on :)

    • Last saw him in school that day.

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    • I know he perked your interest, but don't overthink things or you may disappoint yourself! Us ladies tend to do that a lot.

    • I will try not to. I just find it weird that he kept looking at me.

  • Just wait and watch. Can't say if he's interested.

    • Thanks. Gonna keep an eye on him. Without being a creep, obviously.

    • Guys do come back for sure, I've seen that. They get intrigued especially if you are cool with the break-up. They like strong girls. Hope u get ur answers :)

    • I am pretty chill lol.

      Thanks!! :)

  • Move on from him. Don't go back there.

    • Hmm I still like him though.

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    • If he didn't think enough of you to at least try and explain, then I don't think you should hold onto thoughts of a relationship with him.

    • All he told me was that there was no time.

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