So, how to get over your first love?

Hello people, so in my relationship I actually posted a few questions and asks for advice in here, sadly that relationship is over...
So... Um this was kinda my first love. Not my first crush or anything like that. it's just the first time I've actually fallen in-love and dated someone. So... firstly, the reason we broke up...
So 2 days ago I found out I have this illness and when I get stressed my heart, goes into extreme... idk, panic? It just hurts so f*cking much! Like a dagger true the chest. So any form of stress made me go crazy and it was just hell.(I'm saying "was" but it's still the same) so since the biggest source of my stress was my GF, so I had 2 choices, stay with her, be in HELL for a hell of a long time, and just slowly die, or just brake up with her. So it's obvious which one I've chosen. Well instead of breaking up with her, I made her mad, and just forced her to dump me.
Some of you may wonder why did I not just tell her about it, and try to somehow make this stress problem go away. I'll tell you why... We fought ALL the time, its like I forgot which day we haven't fought. We dated 9 months ( well tomorrow it will be 9 months ) and each one of those days we fought and fought and fought, I sincerely don't know we were still a couple... So that's why I didn't try to console it with her, it would make things way worse...
Small note right? lol...
So. Since It's my first love, I'm feeling hell of a depression and I have no idea what to do? Like what do you do after you have too see your love walk away like that? What the heck to do? I'm seriously asking, because I have no idea, I mean I'm like going crazy... Very very much,. Just... What to do?
*awkward part*
This part I'm really kinda emberassed about. but you see guys, gals since I met this girl, I've been waiting for her, to loose virginity... So... Um... Now that I waited (no not since we started dating) 2 years. I'm 16. What the fuck to do? Like, I'll go crazy if I won't loose it!


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  • by finding someone new and having a relationship with them. at first u won't feel like/not sure u want this new person but give it time and that other person won't matter to u anymore. happened to me

    • I think I should try to heal all of my health first, what do you think? Should I? Or should I try finding a new one?

    • work on becoming the greatest version of yourself (whatever u feel that is, realise your potential and know that that is who you are, it is your birth right to become it) and then in the process of that talk to some girls and just see what happens. magic happens every second in life :)

    • there is a guy on YouTube who is helpful. the channel is called infinite waters diving deep by a man called ralph smart. i also love to listen to "abraham hicks" videos on youtube. check these out and see if u like them :)

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  • I don't think you can ever get completely over your "first love" but you CAN find someone to almost make you feel the same way as your first.

  • By finding a second love


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  • Just keep busy... also, focus on the negative points... like if ya find yaself thinking about her.. think of the arguments


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