(not) texting my ex and I miss him! advice please?

My boyfriend (now ex) broke up with me (both 25 years old). Then a few weeks later he asked me for sex outside of the relationship i told him no and he still wanted to meet up with me (he still wanted to kiss, sex etc but i told him no now is just talking and he said ok he will still meet me but i said no im not meeting him). Then he keeps texting me everyday asking me different questions or saying something he had done or what was i doing and so I stopped replying to him. He didn't say anything about getting back together. And then he'd keep sending me like 5 ? marks after each text he sent bcos i have not replied to him. We work together but i havnt worked (or seen him) in four weeks bcos I am off sick and he texted me a few times where am I.

I stopped replying bcos i feel like i can't move on when texting him, but now that i stopped texting him i miss him so much more than before when i was still talking to him. he hasn't texted me now since Thursday and i completely stopped replying on Monday but i dropped off in my responses well before that. why is it i miss him so much more by not texting him i think about him even more!! what do u think he is thinking?

thanks i appreciate the help u can give me.


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  • Its, your call you can get back together with him or you can block his # on ur phone so u don't get his texts and calls

    • u said i can get back together with him... but he was the one that broke up with me... how do u know he wants me back what makes u say that? thanks for replying :)

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  • im going threw the same thing and guess where im at were not talking still while im missing him he's missing out and you should see it that way to he's missing out on a really great girl you by messing with skanks most likely your gonna end up happy with a guy and in life compared to him messing around has its pros and cons more cons then pros cause u end up hurting other but in the end yourself because most likely those are the ones single or stuck with someone they don't like just because of a hook up or one night stand he's just feeling lonely and decided to reach out to you when he's at his lowest point notice how they don't come when there at there highest point in life where everything is going great like the sang goes once u have money or sucess or get off your feet everyone wants u and wants to be your friend and its the ones who haven't left and that will stay true to themselves and there beliefs that are the good ones he may have felt like he gotten some where to where he had a girl that he liked or fit his standards to where he stopped talking or ignoring u let him come to u more and do more things then threw text like show threw actions don't let a ex back in so easily remember he's your ex you left him for a reason or he left and now he needs to learn from his wrong decisions and poor choices


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      How can I get back the best woman in the world? Please help!
      Trying to get the love of my life back, please help!
      broke up with girlfriend of 10 months out of fear. She took down all my walls and barriers that I had put up to keep from being hurtwith the love that she gave me and I got scared do to my past relationships. Has been communicating with her for two months having drinks and dinner things seem to be going great, now all of a sudden she seems to be getting distant. one moment she's hot one moment she's cold and I'm very confused as to what to do or how to approach the situation? we had what most would consider a perfect relationship no fighting no arguing very effortless to say the least. And I did not try to rekindle anythingbecause she's with somebody. She still not with anybody but I'm still very confused? Any of you lady's got some insight on this?

    • sorry i haven't been on in a while do to family issues if she's single thats a good thing your chance of making it work and working things out is good stay calm sweetie don't panic or text her a lot i feel there's other ways to show a person you care and want them back i think u should try contacting her each day with one text take it one step at a time but when u first text her and see if u can meet up with her in person and do something fun and then after explain to her why you felt fear in the 10 months you guys been together some guys are afraid of commitment its nothing to be ashamed about just be honest the way you would want her to be toward you but just at least tell her how you feel after a good time hanging out or date

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  • there are few things this could mean

    A: he misses the sex and always just wanted you for sex

    B: he wants to get back with you

    C: he's just very lonely after the breakup and needs someone


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