Will he find it annoying or just nothing?

Well, I have a friend who is kind of close to me but we kind of drifted apart, we just suddenly stopped talking , haven't heard from him and I haven't talk to him for 9 months and it's his birthday today, I greeted him a happy birthday, will he be happy about it or find it annoying?

Don't know the reason why we stopped talking, nobody makes the effort anymore.

Sighh. I just want to greet him because we had good memories together as friends and I miss him but not anymore expecting a reply or something. I just thought of greeting him.


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  • Just wait until his reply give it 3 days or less. If not move on. People change, things happen or he just busy. Or what ever. But you life is not based on his reaction. So continue living weirder he's there or not. He'll come bk in due time.

    • ohhh hopefully it will turn out that way.. I'll get back to you if he'll come back or if my heart's too tired that I would just move on.. I would thank you then :)

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    • yes, definitely thank you

    • Anytime. Your welcome.

  • You did that just because you still in love with him... call him now.. and tell him the truth... his answer will shows you if you will get him.. or you will lose him for ever... YOU HAVE TO TRY

    • call? would I turn out to be like so desperate?

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