It's a complicated situation, I have a friend that loves and also hates me. I'm not sure if that can be called a friend though because?

I'm not convinced that someone who likes you can be so bitter, cruel and mean on a near constant basis. Once in a while I loose my temper and get sarcastic to try and make a point but typically I try to be nice, supportive and caring. Lately I have backed away and am no longer trying to talk to this person. I heard a rumor they might be moving and I wonder if to say hi and make amends or just let it end in silence. Also just to make things clear, our friendship wasn't always like this, we used to mutually care about one another. Thoughts.
Just to clarify it's about a girl I used to be friends with. It's a long story that I don't want to get into but I put it in break up because it's difficult to explain otherwise.
This person and I probably won't talk again, she recently told me tonight that " I think I'm all that " just because I felt good about myself and my appearance. Tbh I don't need negative people like her in my life.


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  • That person is going through a lot I guess. when was the last time you had an honest convo around this?

    • We stopped talking 6 months ago, except for a text here or there that quickly became upsetting.

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    • Thanks for MHO... and good luck!

    • You're welcome! :)

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  • Don't bother with it. The person doesn't like you otherwise he / she wouldn't act like that

    There's "friends" of me that I really can't like, and I will come of as bitter often, while the friends I really care about I'd back up anyday.

    • And yes, those could be people I used to be friends with that I later have started disliking for some reason.

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    • If you did just try to forget this person as soon as possible and just move on.

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  • With the War of the Roses 'Constantly day in and day out, it's looking bleak from where I am standing, and to put it Mildly, it's Not looking Sunny And-----Most likely never will.
    Don't let her rain on your parade anymore. People like this are downers, real bummers, and can't even be considered a 'Friend' indeed,' but a Fair weather friend Instead, my friend. They use you for a scape goat to vent their feelings and emotions out on, and even at times, make you ride their pity wagon to keep you strung along.
    If you find out for certain she is leaving, do the 'Neighborly' thing. Wish her good luck, maybe give her a quick hug, and with always trying to be 'Nice, supportive and caring,' you have nothing to lose, not even sleep, but maybe a friend who never appreciated you for what you were, taking terrible advantage of you, and Never seeing you for the guy who was the best damn friend she will ever know, no matter where she moves to.
    Good luck. xx

    • I don't know.

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    • Thank you! :)

    • You are so welcome, sweet man... xxoo

  • If you feel your heart cannot rest until you make amends, then maybe you should. But I can't guarantee that it would go well. But I don't think you should make amends with the aim of getting close to this person again - I think you should minimise contact with them because it sounds like they would only hurt you more if you tried to be friends again.

    • She acts in a very confusing way. Ok, I guess I'll keep ignoring her.

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    • Yes, I know I need to face her at some point but I also need to give it much more thought and consideration so I don't wind up making the same mistakes. Thanks for your advice!

    • Yes, I guess time will tell. Thanks for your insights.

  • Love is not the opposite of hate. Love and hate and two sides of the same coin. Hate comes as a result of too much of expectations in the relationship.

    Its the indifference and coldness, not hate, that proves the lack of love.

    • That's confusing! Lol! I just don't want to fight, so I'm trying to let things simmer down.

    • Whenever there is a fight, if you don't feed it, it will automatically die down. When one of the partners is aggressive, the other one has to play the passive role if the relationship has to survive.

      Indifference is an i-dont-care attitude. Thats worse than someone screaming at you and finding fault (that at least proves that he thinks about u).

    • That's a good point. I think it'll take me time to come up with something to say though.

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