Why go back to a crazy ex gf when you had it so good with me?

I don't get it when I treated him so nice and everything was awesome


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  • Trying to get the love of my life back, please help!
    broke up with girlfriend of 10 months out of fear. She took down all my walls and barriers that I had put up to keep from being hurtwith the love that she gave me and I got scared do to my past relationships. Has been communicating with her for two months having drinks and dinner things seem to be going great, now all of a sudden she seems to be getting distant. one moment she's hot one moment she's cold and I'm very confused as to what to do or how to approach the situation? we had what most would consider a perfect relationship no fighting no arguing very effortless to say the least. And I did not try to rekindle anythingbecause she's with somebody. She still not with anybody but I'm still very confused?


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  • Because he is crazy too. Consider it a good situation for you and do your best to move on quickly.


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