Should we tell her ex that she died?

So my friend and her ex had a relationship full of ups and downs and I wouldn't say they got along with each other, but they both wanted each other for a long time. She had told something about purging to him, but after that they stopped talking because things happened. He hurt her very much, and I guess so did she.

Her ed cause her a heart attack and she died yesterday. I don't know what to do. I'm devastated and on top of that, our friends insist that we tell her ex. Should we tell him? It's been like a year since they last talked to each other. I don't know what he has been thinking of her. Do you think he needs to know? What would you think/feel if you were him?
ed* eating disorder


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  • I think you should tell. He should have a chance to mourn even though he may have done wrong. In the end they used to love each other.
    What a sad situation. Wish everyone lots of strength and courage in these difficult times.


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  • i am so sorry for your loss!!! i think you should talk to him bc as the others girl he was a part of her life her last love so he needs to know and attend to the funeral! but you need to tell him in a way like not blame him bc if you do then i dont know how he will be a able to cope with it... again i am so sorry!

    • and if you dont mind me asking are you sure he was the reason she died? i ask this cuz you said the last time they talked was long ago..

    • her ed. (eating disorder)
      she couldn't stop

    • ok.. i understand now.. was she a close friend to you?

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  • let her soul rest in peace. feel sad about her!!


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  • i'm really sorry about your friend. But i think he should know. She was part of his life, one way or the other.

    • thank you... i don't know how to tell him though

    • does it have to be you? can't another person who knows him do it?

    • i guess that could be, yeah

  • I'm sorry for your loss.
    What is ed, if you don't mind me asking? I think you should tell him and other friends as well, of course. Give him a call and tell him when the funeral will be, if it wasn't already. Maybe he will care to attend.

    • eating disorder, sorry

  • You should probably tell him. I'm really sorry for your loss. How old was she?

    • She would turn 18 on October..

    • Oh my God... 1 year older than me. He was her last love, he really needs to know. :/

  • YeH tell him. R. i. p to her...

  • That's so sad rip to her , I think that you should tell him but let everything calm down first. Like her family may not want everyone to no. He's not most important person in her life and they haven't been together for like a year. But you should tell him I'm time


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