Did o do the right thing? Someone please help?

My ex bf and I have been back and forth since our breakup. He broke up with me due to trust issues and feels I really hurt him. However, recently I told him I cldnt be around only when he wants me to be I said if you continue this you are going to lose me overall. He later texted me "nobody's going to lose anybody because we are friends" i told him "what if I cnt just be your friend? if you 1 day get a gf what am I suppose to do act like I'm not bothered.. i dnt want to be friendzoned" after that no response.. why didn't he text anything back? Is he mad? Hurt? Did I do the right thing? I dnt want to lose him for good but his definition of friends are more than friends at times. Someone please help with any advice


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  • Never be friends with Ex's. This is exactly why. Drop him and move on.


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