Getting g back together?

What does it mean when we are talking about getting back together and she seems to be getting hot/cold... she said I had my chance to "calculate" us and that is what she is now doing? I'm lost...


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  • She is evaluating the pluses and minuses of getting back with you. Thus, in recalling the minuses or, in other words, the issues she had/has with you, she becomes cold towards you. Perhaps due to the anger, hurt, resentment it also causes her to revisit.

    On the hand, she becomes hot with you when she recalls the pluses of being with you. She is basically saying that she is going to exercise patience in making her decision no matter what happens.

    • How should I approach this situation, it's physically and emotionally killing me?

    • Be patient, give her time, while at the same time exhibiting the changes you have made. And, avoid participating in the blame game. Take ownership of and try to correct your wrongs.

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  • honest opinion here. Move on. Once a decision is made to break up. do not look back. There was a reason for the split and it was to protect you from something in the future. No offense but at our ages, we don't need to be playing these mind games. Be yourself and be happy!

    • Why is that? Danni, could you message me? Curious to know your thoughts.

    • Please put it on here so I can see as well. ... I'm interested as well?

    • Those are my thoughts! haha Why would anyone have to "calculate" weather or not they are worth the time for a relationship. I understand there's ups and downs, or gray areas, but love is love. and there's no questioning or calculating that. Also you can love anyone and everyone, but you don't have to be in a relationship to prove it. Anything short of love is indifference and that's what's going on here. It just seems fishy to me. And personally, I think no matter why the split in the first place, it made one side of the party uncomfortable, and that alone would help me feel empowered to find something better or better off without! But again, I'm speaking for myself and I'm the farthest thing from co- dependent.

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