Reconciling with an ex gf?

So I lost my girlfriend of a year that I loved a lot. I stopped being sweet and affectionate and eventually and grew more cold.. Eventually she broke up with me because I had failed to change. I don't even know why I was mean. Could be the distance as it was a LDR..

Anyway long story short, she ended up talking to some other guy a week after break up. She met him after break up I'm pretty certain of it. Or it could be an old friend but for sure wasn't talking to him when we were together.

Anyways, I tried reaching out after a month of No Contact and she flat out ignored me. She said she'd love to catch up and wanted to remain friends before the NC period but now decided to ignore me? I don't know what to do. I love her still and want to try again but she seems to be busy with that other guy..

How do I win her back? I don't wanna give up.
Update: It's probably too late now. Who knows what'll happen in the future though.


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  • It sounds like she may be trying things with this new guy, so she feels uncomfortable staying in contact with an ex when she's developing a new relationship.

    Did you apologize for treating her poorly?
    Have you tried telling her you want her back, or have you just contacted her acting like friends?
    If you want her back, TELL HER.
    And then there's nothing else to do, the ball will be in her court.

    Best of luck!

    • I apologized and told her I wanted her back. She said I might have a chance and wanted to remain friends but I backed off and went NC.. So yeah she wants to see where it goes with this new guy I guess..

      I might call her and if she doesn't pick up, I'm leaving a farewell message because I want it to feel closed. I'll always love her until I'm 6 feet under..

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    • Sorry for the late reply, I have never gotten an email saying I had a new reply lol. I'm feeling a lot better now though that's for sure. I still think about her everyday, but it doesn't hurt anymore.. I'm sorry to hear you went through that too, it sucks /: some people move on faster than others I guess. I mean, I did neglect her and treated her badly near the end so I deserve this.. How are you in your situation right now?

    • I'm glad you're feeling better!!
      My situation - we'd had no contact for about 2 months now. I miss him like crazy and still feel sad when I think about it all, but it's getting better.

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    • Yeah man you're right but not ALL cases. Not saying I'll get back with her, but who knows. Some people reconcile after YEARS! It's amatter of fate if we weren't mwant to be then we will never be back together.

    • you're right and yah what everyone likes to beleive,... very very few id say.

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  • what kind of love is that? i mean she moved on in a month...
    dear, she never loved u the way u deserved...
    its hurting.. i know... coz i am facing the same situation...
    no matter how hard u try these people just find other people to so call love and move on...
    forget her... she doesn't deserve u

    • I'm sorry to hear that you too, are facing the same situation.. It's hard to believe isn't it? How fast they move on? It could all be a rebound and rebounds are for the weak.. Thank you for the reply, I feel like it's the other way around though. I treated her terribly but I did try to make it up but it just didn't work out.. I'm doing better now though.. How are you in yours?

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    • do u have facebook?

    • Yeah I'll message you here though!

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  • LDR you are pretty much fucked dude

    find a girl you can fuck because she's already fucking other dudes

    also i should add she probably said you were getting cold and you had to change because SHE wanted to breakup or was cheating. It's very likely you were being the exact same as always and she just wanted a new guy

    • You got it all wrong bro. I WAS getting cold, I called her names, I ignored her calls, I didn't spend time with her.. I kinda cheated on her but it was a phone only thing and I regret it.. I apologized so many times and she kinda just forgave me..

      She wasn't cheating and she wanted to break up of course but because I stopped being sweet to her. I stopped being a boyfriend. I stopped caring.. And no she isn't out there fucking other dudes, dude. She's talking to another guy long distance (I'm assuming cuz she met him on a dating site). She has depression and she needs an emotional rebound.

      My main question was how I get this girl back. She was so good to me, but I wasn't to her.. I took her for granted and I regret it so damn much..

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    • go meet her in personal... :) i did the same... and got my answer...:)

    • Summerrose I did drive to her. She didn't wanna see me but still said I had a chance. I'm not gonna be her rebound from this other new guy, so I backed off and I'm healing quite well today

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