7 year relationship and heartbroken?

Long story short my bf of seven years would break up with me literally once a week for silling things ie. The cat litter not done, house not clean etc. I am a good girl and i try so hard to be a great gf but its never good enough. Anyway he's called me stupid dumb useless mental and even said i should never have children because he thinks i can't handle it. Anyway it broke my heart to hear him say i should never have kids. So he breaks up with me this time for weeks. He still lives in my apartment. When i told him its torture for me to see him everyday and not be with him he got mad and dramatic. He said i made him miserable for seven years which hurts cause i was such a good girlfriend. He broke up with me on many birthdayson Christmas day and twice on new years. He put me through hell and then says i put him through hell in seven years. I am so upset. I went out yesterdat for a girls night and i felt so out of place and depressed because i have no self esteem now. Everyday is a struggle and i feeli dont belong in this world... any words pf wisdom pls.


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  • this is not your fault it's 100% that he is an asshole GET AWAY NOW! if it's your apartment make him leave if it's his then live somewhere else anywhere this guy treats you like shit

    he knows you won't stand up for yourself he has no respect for you and because you tolerated him now you have no respect for yourself


    you do belong in this world and you deserve to be loved


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this, this is awful.
    This is a very toxic relationship, a relationship that should end for good... now.
    He's emotionally abusive, dramatic, dumps you but still lives in your apartment (is he paying to live there too?), and gets mad when you explain that being dumped is hurtful.
    You two are NOT good together.
    You need to get separate apartments, stay apart (don't get back together again), and you need to keep him out of your life.
    Please make this happen, GET OUT!
    If you let him, he'll continue making you miserable.


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