The best way to get an ex back?

My ex and I have been broken up for some time formally. But informally she's been "gone" since April. At the formal end of it, she said she made up her mind. So now I am giving her her space. Some friends think I need to make up my mind, if I keep going after her. When the house needed stuff done, I got it done for us. She also recognized that I have been making personal growth changes like expressing myself (which has been a problem). I got her some print outs of things important to her career (going back to school) which made her cry and she said felt loved.

Yesterday she asked to come by (we live in the same house but she moved to her mom's temp). We previously talked about me giving her space in the house to find her own place. When she came by she really pushed to get me out of the house because I had it for a month while she was gone. She was bitchy, but mostly stressed at her mom, I think.

I don't know, my heart is still feeling for her... but I feel like I can't show her how I feel? Is the best thing to do just to show how awesome I am doing?


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  • If she wants space the best thing you can do is give it to her. While you are giving her space get yourself together I know this may be hard but I recently had to do the same thing she knows how much you love her so she will play the victim you in return will do anything she suggest because you want her back.. dont let her play with your emotions like that this is not love im sorry to have to tell you this but I recently had to realize this in my own situation its nothing you can do or say if her mind is made up god closes one door to open another you may not understand all what you are going through now but when you start healing you will understand it later best of luck to you


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  • I don't know I went through something similar although we didn't live in same house but did live geographically close to each other. I never really figured out how to get her back and though if I showed her how much better I was doing she'd want me back such as I had found a new job and got a new car since we broke up. but I only like gave her a ride once in the car and never gave her another ride since. she didn't seem to care as much about my personal improvements as I though she would even though I had a lot more money available to spend on her then when we had first meet.

    • What happened to her?

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    • She's much younger than you?

    • when I first meet her I would of been late 20's however I look younger so she might not of realised I was that older. she'd be early 20's now in 4th year of university. what I didn't realise about her when I meet her was she'd already had some relationship experience , she looked very innocent but had some bf's already and done a lot of partying I realised later on she had dated more guys than I realised and more experienced than I would of though at first

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