Do men divorce there wives because they are weak?

My Ex hubby told me recently the reason he divorced me because I was weak and his pride and dignity came first. Is that true men leave there wives because they weak?


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  • I don't actually know any man who's ever walked out on a marriage, and not tried to make it work. Even though some men file for divorce, it's usually just to finalise things after the wife left them.

    If that was his true reason for leaving, it seems strange that he didn't mention it while you were were married. If he just wanted you to be more assertive, confident or otherwise strong, that's something you both could have worked on. With some encouragement, you probably could have sorted it out.

    I don't think think this would be a common reason for a man seeking a divorce.


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  • That sounds terribly lame. How could you have hurt his pride and dignity? Neither pride nor dignity depends on someone else, it comes from within. It doesn't sound like you lost a prize, count your blessings.

  • His Pride and Dignity, and you being weak? That can mean a lot of things. I don't know if you have children with him, but if you do then its a case of being a Strong mother, and Weak wife.

    Every Married man is different and every marriages are built differently. Insecurity is a sign of weakness. If you make a big deal out of your hubby hanging out with his long time female friend, then you don't trust him and that is a sign of weakness. I can go on with the list but you are divorced now, so this is your chance to start a new beginning. Forget about him.


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