Feeling nothing after breakup?

I was with this girl for one year and just broke up about a week ago. I still feel no pain i feel loneliness sometimes but that feeling isn't as bad as the feeling i had when i was with her. She was my first love and i intensely loved her at points but she also made me feel like shit a lot. did i not love her though?

will i start feeling bad later on? i don't know if for guys you feel worse after a longer time any experience from guys on this?


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  • What you are feeling is apathy. I think you loved her but the fire has run its course, maybe her actions and the way she mistreated you put a damper on the entire thing.

    It's good that you feel nothing. It means you made the right decision for yourself, hopefully you'll find peace of mind now.

    • yeah i guess... i just looked it up and it seems that some people really feel nothing after a breakup out of shock and then it hits them really hard later on i just don't want this to happen

      i hope it's that i just don't love her anymore

    • Just don't think too much about it. Feel the way you want to feel. If you feel sad later on, allow yourself to feel that emotion instead of trying to suppress it. You have to go through the mourning process to be able to move on.

  • I agree with everything @seraphine has said.
    Sometimes you've mentally accepted the inevitable, before you even realise. This is a good thing. Just work on being you again, don't worry yourself about the past.


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