My ex keeps hacking my email because I broke up with him he won't leave me alone even tho its been two months and I have moved on?

We were dating for 5 years 4 years long distance I cheated in the 4 years and he still wanted tk be together we lived to get the last year he hit me and I ended it long story short and now well the whole two months really he hacked my gmail took over my Facebook and posted a naked picture kn my Facebook and keeps trying to delete my Gmail and gmail won't help me get back my email they army doing anything and he won't stop trying to hack my yahoo so why won't he leave me alone and or how doin get him to leave me alone


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  • He's either an awesome hacker or you volunteered all that information...
    If you can't log back in in none of those, just warn your friends and other connections and create new accounts...


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  • Change your email?


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