Is a mean, yet straight forward text alright to send to an addict/narcissistic ex?

He's not getting the picture and it's driving me mad!!! I think he may be a narcissist/ sociopath. Add addict on top of that. (He's an alcoholic/ drug addict (cocaine).) After 10 ignored calls and 23 ignored texts after a week and a half, I finally responded in a kind way asking him to please seek help. I told him any mental health issues he may have had are only getting worsened by his addictions and any childhood trauma (which he has claimed to have had) need serious attention as well. I asked him several times before and then again in this recent text to please respect my boundries for I need to distance myself to have healthy life for myself and my children. then at the end, I state, "may you be well". for I am trying to take a yogic approach to all things in life and treat people with kindness and compassion no matter what. BUT! HE'S NOT GETTING IT!! he responds with "ok doc. be well." haha Cleary, I am not a doctor, but I have been doing major research on these personality disorders and he seems to fit in most. Hours later he texts, " I miss ya tons. Why won't you talk to me? I thought we were friends?" ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! See why I want to send a text back being blunt with the harsh truth of him being dillusional? Friends? He put me through an emotional roller coaster for 4 months until I started piecing all the little "cracks" together. Insight please! My minds too scattered to mediate.


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  • Simply block his number through your cell phone carrier and remove yourself from Facebook for a while. He'll get the clue eventually. Avoid him and he'll move on.


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