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so my gf and I of a year broke up last week and I feel no bad feelings but i talked with a few friends recently and it seems that she is having a very hard time with the breakup and feeling terrible. I asked mutual friends of ours to be there for and comfort her but is there anything else i can do to help her through this? I feel so bad that she is upset and i want to just hold her and tell her it will be alright even if i know i can't. Is there anything i could do or avoid doing to make the breakup easier for her?


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  • Unless you want to go to her and do More than 'Just hold her,' such as talk things out and make the boo boo go away, Bob, then don't do Anything at all, for it will only make matters worse for her. If you 'Feel no bad feelings' now, you just may 'Feel a stab in your heart' if you end up fleeing to her side and have no intentions of making Anything 'Alright.'
    Leave her alone, give her some space. It's not easy for some to handle a fresh break, it's a 'Fresh' war wound, and with time and some licking, it eventually can be---Licked.
    She will make up her own mind to reach out to someone she can feel comfortable with. And having you there right now, makes you both an easy target to end up either in a war of the roses or 'Know I can't,' because she may beg you to go back again.
    The only thing you can do to make Anything 'Easier for her' would be To------Kiss her tears away with giving it one more shot again.
    Good luck. xx

    • i have had no contact with her all i've done is ask friends of hers to talk to her is this bad? if she figures out will she just feel worse?

      because there is no way i'm ever getting back with her

    • Hi, Bob.. okay, I see... With this being said, yes, you can suggest it, but make sure they don't go back and tell her for it will make her even feel worse, angry probably that you are getting others to do 'Your job,' let us say... I hope one day you both can be friends, but for now, stay clear, dear... Let her move on and heal... xx

  • This is a very weird question. I'm taking you were the one who broke up with her, so why are you going around asking about her? And making it easier for her? What?
    Probably the last thing she needs is for you and mutual friends to feel sorry for her!


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