If he lets you go easy he doesn't care that much?

Broke up right after three months. All I said was i don't see the relationship working any more he just said why what happened. I said its over sorry.

He just said ok I'm not going to push you if that's how you feel then ok.

He didn't sound upset. He didn't say he loves or loved me.

I'm thinking he didn't truly love me or care that much?
I felt like he didn't respect me. He sometimes put down my opinion and values and he didn't even care about making me have an orgasm


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  • So this is what you wanted... right? I mean you were not testing him , you actually wanted the break up,,, right?
    Well, I guess three moths is not pretty long and the way you were feeling that its not working out even he must have felt the same way so he is not worried and concerned much.


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  • Sometimes. Other times, it means he just wants you to be happy, even if it isn't with him, and doesn't want to make it harder.

  • Usually, people care less when the relationship doesn't work anymore.

  • so what do you want from him?


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