Why is my ex girlfriend awkward around me?

My ex and I dated for 3 months and she dumped me 2 months ago. When she dumped me she told me I did absolutely nothing wrong. She said I was so good to her. She said I am the best guy she's ever met. She said she always had fun around me. She told me I'm the perfect guy. But she said whenever we tried to do anything physical (not sexual) she just didn't feel the affections, so that's why she broke up with me in light of me being a great guy and stuff. She said I didn't deserve any of this. Her family like me a whole lot. After we broke up even her mom told me she could see her daughter end with with someone exactly like me. I have not spoken a word to her at all. I have not let her know that I was hurt. I have been strong, taken care of myself and lived a happy life since she dumped me. I have simply just been myself. I think I am a more improved person since we split. I have not posted anything on social media that would hint that I am in the dumps. The times I've been around her in group settings since then, she has tried to avoid me. She won't make eye contact with me. She won't talk to me. She tries to stay away from me. Her close friends (who are also my friends) don't talk to me quite as much as they used to. Girls are weird, and I know I did nothing wrong. Why is she awkward around me when she broke up with me?


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  • She's hurt too and she wants to get over you by forcefully pusing you out her life


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