When he just dont care about you?

So it happens, when your long term friend decide to block you on Facebook protecting hiself from your activities and preventing his from you... just cuz you felt axnious about him and felt something.. He live miles from me, on the another continent, we meet every year for a few days, I give him my time, attencion, do reservations for him, run for everything he ask me.. cuz I simply do that for every friend I care about... but motherfucker traveled with me this year for a while and we get a little intimate our relationship.. I'm a foolish so I when he left couldnt control my emotions about him and get very nervous writting him nonsense on facebook... so I wanted him to pay attencion on me, that I'm still alive and care... But he left to Poland and start ignoring me.. so I'm practicaly feeling like a fool... now he blocked me on Facebook and dont want me anymore in his life I guess... I'm not a person who bother other ppl, this was out of my control... now I feel guilty too cuz I wanted to open myself and tell what was on my mind... he told me on our trip he will never push me away from his heart and he will never thanks me enough for everything.. now he is gone, just becouse a few stupid sentences and I feel bad... I will never block him back or unfriend cuz thats not who I am... thats in my opinion immature.. and its easy to after all push away a person on this way.. Ill not write or contact him back, cuz if he dont care, why should I.. although it hurts... Did I really deserved this?


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  • Whether you deserved it or not doesn't matter. Move on from him,

    • Yea its easy to say... we were friends for 5 years... he met my familly, I was only one here constatly available for him (he have more friends here) so I'm probably jerk.. Maybe will he message me for month or two doensnt metter, but everything will be different than... thanks for reply

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