Ex texted me even though he has a girlfriend now, help?

it's been way over a year since i brokeup with him. he cheated on me with his current gf and well you know the rest. they are still together though, even though she knows about this.
recently he has texted me three times (once every three months) and the most recent text he mentioned that his mom asked about me, and that's why he was texting me. I know it isn't an excuse because the previous time he just plain said that he was bored and had nothing to do. I find it hard to believe his mom would ask about me too since his sister is in our school, and well my ex and his gf are together everywhere they go.
i really don't know what to do or how to feel, now i can't stop thinking about him and i get really mad yet sad at the same time and i miss him terribly. i don't wanna feel this way, been over a year since we broke. please advise..


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  • Move on... This guy is just a player. I know its harsh and probably not what you wanna hear but think about it.. If he's texting you while he has a gf whats to stop him from doing the same thing if you guys get back together again? In my book. Once a cheater. Always a cheater. Just be careful and think about it rationally rather than emotionally. Hope it helps

  • Ignore him and save yourself a lot of unnecessary drama and confusion. Never deal with ex's.


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