Annoying ex just doesn't get I want want nothing to do with her. How to get rid of her?

Had been seeing this girl for five months, but we didn't become official until our third month. Well after er were official everything went downhill. I wasn't allowed to hang with friends unless I told her first especially when there was even one other girl hanging with us. She wanted to know where I was and what I was doing all of the time. I could talk to other girls even if they were just friends without her around. The list goes on and on. Finally I got tired of it, dumped her, and told to stay the hell away from me. I don't think she listens very well because it's been four and a half months since I dumped her and she still has not gotten the hint. No matter how many times I block her she's always texting my from some new number. Just last month is was my birthday and she had brought a cake to my apartment. I wasn't home at the time so she left it with me roommates. When I came back and they told me who it was from I immediately chucked it into the trash. Now today I've discover she has started a rumor that we're back together. This bitch is driving me insane. Can someone actually be this obsessed? I've tried getting a restraining order, but was told I didn't have enough cause for one.


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  • Sorry dude, this person is a yandere, I have dealt once with this type. The good point of this could be that she is not a good close friend neither of one of your family members nor of your friend circle so the next thing can help you even though it is going to be very cruel and rough.

    Give her the cold shoulder. Change your mobile phone or tell to the people with whom you are leaving with that if she calls, that you don't want to talk to her, and that they should tell her that, tell her to get lost instead of making excuses for you.

    Don't feel guilty and don't let anyone else to make you feel that way (even if there is a party in her favor outside of your house with candles and songs pleading to return with her), just think that she has looked for it, to be treated like trash. In the end you won't be the villain, because you have tried to reason with her first, but she guided you to treat her like that.


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  • Just ignore her and one of two things will happen. She will either eventually get tired of it when she finds someone else to harass, OR, she'll start getting crazier and blowing up your phone and coming by your apartment like she did with the cake. When THAT happens, then you'll have enough evidence to warrant a restraining order or other action.

    Save ALL texts from her, save call logs of every time she's tried to call, and if she starts coming by your place start documenting the day and time.

    • Yeah I'm currently doing that. I'm not sure if I just don't have enough or that what I have isn't at a certain level of threatening yet.

    • It may not be enough to be considered "threatening". But if you save it all and it adds up, and you show that you've made it clear you don't want her bothering you, then you may be able to get at least get her a warning of harassment. You could do like @B0bagirl girl says as well and change your number. That's a big hassle though so only do that as a last resort. In a way that's letting her win.

    • I'm saving everything so far, just hope things don't escalate any time soon. With what she's been doing I'm half way expecting her to lie about rape on me.

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  • Texting you from new numbers after you've blocked her? Try changing your number and not giving it out except to important people.

    • True this is a hassle sometimes only option after all is said and done.

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    • I would prefer a gun over a restraining order, but being as the apartments I live in are student housing I can't do that.

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  • Damn. That bitch crazy. Maybe tell her you're getting a restraining order and she'll get scared?

    • Yeah I know. She didn't seem crazy a first, but the craziest of people can fake being sane I guess.

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