Is Ignoring an Ex the Way to Go?

I hate to do it, but I broke up with a woman who is high maintenance and is used to guys falling at her feet and exes coming back to chase her.

The other day I saw her at a function with mutual friends. We made eye contact, but did not say hi to each other.

The last time I approached an ex in a spirit of maturity and friendliness, she was very cold and rude to me. I think that ex found out I was dating other girls. But, SHE was the one who broke up with me and told me we could still be friends. She obviously did not mean it.

In any event, that bad experience with the prior ex put a bad taste in my mouth, and now I feel it is best to ignore all exes, as rude and immature as that may seem.




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What Girls Said 1

  • I have always found that with many 'EXes' that the Break up can go either way. Sometimes, Missing the kissing, they return to one another with nothing in mind but to be Friends with benefits,' Nothing more than Besties, or just stay Civil tongue without any Compromise.
    In your case, being you used to be birds of a feather with your own 'EXes,' Apparently X didn't Mark any of their soft spots for you, leaving a sour ball in your own mouth and probably ruffling a few of your feathers to boot.
    Don't take this to heart or lay an egg over it. Many times things go South in the Split second of things, leaving hard feelings and not even a door to fly in once more to be even 'Friends' who stick together.
    Yes, put These damsels in their own distress on your pay no mind list. It sounds as though it is Best this way. However, should you hook up with someone else in the future, it Might wing its way Another Way, shifting the wind in another direction, where an 'EX' Could very well end up your friend till the end... Who can tell...
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • Take it from an old fart, being a gentleman is taking the high road. You greet exes when in their company, make pleasantries, compliment them on their appearance, ask how they have been, be cheerful, then move along. There is nothing to be gained by rude and immature behavior, but you already know that.


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